The Spicy Essentials of Chengdu

The Sichuan provence in China is known for there spiciness and deliciousness, I will tell you it did not disappoint. At every turn there are snacks and food stands needing to be tried and tasted. Not being a big meat eater I was brave and tried not to over think all the meat I was eating. I was easily distracted by the exquisite flavors and spice!  


The best dumplings ever


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Hong Kong/Chengdu

I have always dreamed of visiting Asia and I am finally getting the opportunity to go on a work trip. Yes, work but trust me I have added in a few stops and tourist attractions along the way. 

Here are a few things I have planned and I cant wait to experience the unplanned.

Hong Kong:Victoria Peak. Stanley Market. Star Ferry. Tim Ho Wan. Dumplings. Ritz Bar and have a drink at the highest bar in the world. Tian Tan Buddha.

Chengdu: Niccolo Chengdu. Peoples Park. Giant Panda Research Center. Temple House. Spicy local cuisine